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Nano-coating Machine

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The Nano-coating Machine is specially designed for stainless steel sheet modification and hard water coating. It is pulsed by reactive magnetron sputtering and can be coated with various metal and non-metal layers. Two 600*600 stainless steel sheets can be plated in one hour.




Maximum ultimate vacuum pressure

Better than8*10-4 Pa

Recovery vacuum time

Atmospheric pressure to 8*10-3 Pa≤15mm

Air pressure rise value

Less than0.5Pa/hr

Working area


Main vacuum pump

Pumping speed 1500L/S

Foreline pump

Pumping speed 16L/S

Product shelf


Spindle speed

0-15 r/min

Operating temperature


Target material size


Supply voltage



About 1200Kg

Overall dimension



The Nano-coating Machine is a machine specially designed for the coating of stainless steel sheets. It can be used in industrial production or in process development, mainly by fixing the steel sheet to the rotating mechanism of the coating chamber and then pumping the vacuum through the machine. Forming a vacuum environment, then coating treatment, coating under vacuum, can effectively eliminate the influence of many unfavorable factors, making the final product good quality, uniform coating, strong adsorption, is one of the most advanced nano coating machines in the world.
The whole coating machine adopts the drive introduction with magnetic fluid seal with water cooling sleeve, good sealing performance, and low working environment requirements. It can adapt to different environments.And is equipped with an observation window,customers can always pay attention to the coating situation. At the same time, the machine is installed. Three vacuum gauges can feedback the vacuum condition in the working chamber in time to ensure the quality of the coating.
Nano vacuum coating is not only far more efficient than ordinary conventional coating, but also due to coating in a vacuum environment, the coating adsorption force is much better than ordinary, uniform composition, durable, product life is tens to several hundred times of ordinary coating products.Can help customers greatly reduce production costs and labor cleaning costs.
Once the product has been researched and developed, it has won unanimous praise from the market. We believe that this machine can also bring you huge benefits.

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